Should You Leave the Furnace Fan on During the Winter?

Heating and cooling systems are complex. Homeowners are often puzzled about which mode to set during the winter. In the text below, you will find answers and decide which setting suits you best.

Running the fan all the time

Better Air Circulation – During the winter, parts of the home exposed to the sun may become warmer than the rest of the house. The furnace fan helps circulate heat throughout the home and eliminates hot and cold areas.

Healthy indoor air – Keeping the furnace fan on has the potential to boost indoor air quality. Of course, you need a high-quality filter to ensure that running the fan does make the indoor air cleaner.

Running the fan on “auto“

Energy savings – If you have a less efficient furnace, setting the fan to auto is energy efficient and may lower the energy bill.

Long-lasting filter – The air filter in your HVAC system is there to keep dust and debris from collecting inside. Setting the furnace fan on auto will extend the life of the furnace filter.

Whatever option you choose, remember that keeping your heating system clean and well-maintained is key to its longevity.

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