Cold HVAC Tips

We all want to ensure that our home stays warm during the winter. Here are some tips to take care of your HVAC system during cold days so you won’t have to worry about freezing.

Check and replace filters

If the filter is clogged, it will cause HVAC to work harder because of decreased airflow. By changing your filter monthly, you will stay warm during the winter.

Drop the thermostat

When it is cold outside, you should lower the temperature on the thermostat. It will help the system to struggle less.

Keep outside vents clear

Make sure that vents outside your home are clear from snow or ice. Melted snow can freeze overnight and clog your ducts.

The HVAC might not heat properly

If you can’t set the thermostat to your preferred temperature, you can use space heaters to save money on heating and keep small rooms extra warm.

If you feel like your HVAC is not ready for proper functioning during the cold weather, you should get in touch with the professionals. Also, know that the key to a well-maintained unit is regular cleaning.

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