When Should I Turn the Heat On?

Autumn is the part of the year when one day is cold the next is warm. You want to be comfortable but not turn the heat on yet. So, what is the best time to do it?

When should you turn on the heat?

Experts recommend turning the heat on when the indoor temperature is below 64 degrees Fahrenheit. However, this depends upon personal preference. If you have children or pets, you might need to turn the thermostat on sooner rather than later.

Troubleshoot the heating system

If your home feels chilly, even if the heating is on, the system might not work properly. Reasons for this might be low humidity or problems with the thermostat.

What you should do before turning the heat on

  •  Change or clean the filter – starting the heating season with clean filters is highly recommended. You will ensure better indoor air quality and efficient work of the system.
  •  Do a practice run before it gets cold – this can help you detect problems if there are any.
  •  Yearly maintenance – routinely heating system checking can help prevent a breakdown at a crucial time.

Move furniture so it isn’t blocking the vents and the warm airflow. Rugs can improve heat retention, and if you have southern-facing windows, you can open the drapes in the daytime to let the heat from the sun.

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