The Best HVAC Costumes for Kids

Halloween is coming, and your kids still don’t have a costume. You can always dress them up glamorous or edgy, like their favorite movie character. But costumes like that can be tight, expensive, and uncomfortable and almost everyone will wear something similar.

Did you ever give a thought of getting them something more comfortable and original, for example, an HVAC device costume or a robot one? You can easily make these costumes while saving money and spending some quality, creative, time with your kids.

HVAC costume

If you haven’t thrown away your old HVAC system boxes, use them to make parts of the perfect costume.
You need a few things: 2 cardboard boxes for the head and body, wide aluminum foil flexible ducts for arms and legs, silver spray, a glue gun, and colors for painting boxes…

Robot costume

Turn on your imagination, take an old piece of ductwork, and a small metal panel, and make an original robot costume. We also recommend you add a few extra features from the hardware to finish this look as HVAC controls display.

After trick or treating, you can think about cleaning your HVAC unit and preparing it for the winter.

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