HVAC is Down

Nothing lasts forever. Material things are not eternal. Take HVAC, for example. One second is cooling, the other is down, and the chaos increases. When HVAC breaks, it usually is not a matter of cleaning, though it’s not rare, but a problem. Here is the list of the top 5 HVAC brake down reasons.

1. Thermostat is broken

When the thermostat is broken, the usual suspect is the furnace. Before you blame the furnace, make sure to check your thermostat first. First, check the batteries and then consult the manual. Maybe you can fix it on your own. If that’s not the case, call the technician.

2. HVAC leaks

When it comes to HVAC leaks, we talk about refrigerant leaks. Losing the refrigerant can reduce cooling. It is a clear sign that something is wrong. Do not wait too long to call the professional because refrigerant leaks lead to complete system breakdown.

3. Dirty filters

Now, this one is easy to fix. Call your local vent cleaning company, and the HVAC cleaning technician will replace it for you. Do not forget to change a filter regularly, at least three times a year. Dirty filters are health hazards and can block airflow.

4. Damaged HVAC components

Over time it happens that your HVAC suffers mechanical wear and tear. Maybe you busted the refrigerant line while mowing the loan, or birds and rodents have nested inside the vents causing the damage. Whatever the case is, you should call the technician to check it out.

5. Coils are dirty

Both indoor and outdoor coils can get dirty over time. Dirty coils can’t remove the heat efficiently. They simply circulate the air and waste energy. To save on your utility bill, and to be properly cooled down, call your local cleaning technician and schedule a coil cleaning.

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