HVAC Summer Hacks

Today we present to you 10 HVAC hacks that will blow your mind. These amazing life hacks are going to make your summer a lot cooler.

1. Cover your A/C with pallets. It is going to look way prettier in your garden, plus you are going to prevent leaves and branches from getting in your outdoor unit.

2. Install a ceiling fan. Besides having an HVAC system, a fan will help you chill out the room quicker. It can also be a great energy savior if you turn out your HVAC for a while.

3. Close all doors and windows on the lower levels of the house, especially at noon. Cold air tends to accumulate on lower floors. That way, you will save energy and enjoy the cool air.

4. Do not run your AC all day long. You can shut it down early in the morning when the air is colder. That would be the best time to open all your window and let fresh air circulates in your home.

5. Choose your drapes wisely. Bright colors will attract less heat from the sun and make an effective barrier. White and beige linen curtains will be a perfect summer choice.6. Kepp your wents clean. Nothing worse than stale air on a hot summer day.

7. Think about planting some new decorative plants in your garden. Trees and other plants help cool the environment, making vegetation a simple and effective way to reduce heat.

8. Always keep some freshly squeezed orange or lemon juice in your fridge and naturally a lot of ice.

9. Build an exhaust fan in your kitchen. It is a perfect way to keep the cooking heat out.

10. Build an exhaust fan in your bathroom as well. It will help move the heat out.

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