HVAC Casino Myth

Everyone has heard about the famous HVAC Sin City urban myth – Casinos pump oxygen into the air to keep people awake. That thought crosses the minds of many people. Because, yes, gamblers are wide awake till late hours without thinking of going to rest. But, the fact is this rumor is 100% false. Pumping oxygen into the building is illegal. There are even regular commission controls, making sure such a thing isn’t happening.

What keeps gamblers wide awake in casinos?

Even if they lose, gamblers keep betting. Why did they keep getting a buzz? It isn’t the money or the prospect of winning. It is pure adrenalin and endorphins pumping into the bloodstream, preventing them from sleeping and making them roll the dice. No amount of oxygen can beat this buzz.

The Casino Air

Now, when we have established that there isn’t any oxygen pumped into the casino through the air ducts, we have to answer what is the role of HVAC in casinos? The casino air is made of nicotine, paper ash, tar, chemicals, dust, debris, allergens, microorganisms, dander, you name it. HVAC in casinos is paramount to make sure these particles are filtered and only clean, filtered air circulates the room.

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