Signs your HVAC is ready to be replaced

HVACs are definitely a large investment. When they are regularly maintained and cleaned, HVACs can last for years without any larger problems. But everything eventually comes to an end, so be ready to replace the whole system once in a while. Here’s a list of indicators that point out your HVAC might be ready for replacement.

1) The system is 10+ years old

You should consider changing the whole system if it’s older than 10-15 years. Maintenance helps to prolongate the life of your HVAC, but parts of it are deteriorating with time.

2) Getting a new HVAC is ‘cheaper’ than fixing the old one

If your fixing and maintenance expenses are piling up, you should consider getting a new unit instead. Use this calculation as a guide: if your system is older than 10 years, and the fixing expenses are bigger than half of the cost of a new HVAC, don’t think twice – get the new one. That investment will pay off quickly.

3) Bills are getting higher and higher

If your electricity bills are constantly going up, you should check how efficient your system is. With years the system gets old and less efficient, so naturally, it spends more energy to cool/heat your place. That’s why the expenses are rising. The worst is when the expenses are going ‘through the roof’ and you are sitting in your home, sweating or freezing even though the system is on. These two combined are enough to realize it’s time for replacing. On the other hand, if your HVAC isn’t old, you should check how can you improve its efficiency.

Regular maintenance and proper cleaning can make your HVAC work for years, but when the time comes, nothing is more efficient than getting a new system.

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