HVAC Checklist for Responsible Homeowners

If you are dealing with consequences, and every small decision matters to you, if you are always on time, then this HVAC checklist is perfect for you. If you are an opposite of a responsible person, you could try to take some things from the list. You will be surprised how this list can change the quality of your life in terms of the air you breathe or home comfort.

Here is the HVAC checklist for responsible homeowners

1. Clean 3 feet of space around your outdoor unit;
2. Level the unit;
3. Buy a high-efficiency air filter;
4. Change the air filter on time;
5. Get the carbon monoxide detector;
6. Replace carbon monoxide detector battery;
7. Get the humidifier;
8. Replace the humidifier filter regularly;
9. Clean space around air vents;
10. Change linens and drapes regularly;
11. Dust and vacuum regularly;

If you want to breathe fresh, clean air, stick to this list. What you can always do for your health is to schedule an annual HVAC cleaning appointment with your local cleaning company.

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