Couple of HVAC Novelties

Future technologies can change our lives for the better. Scientists and engineers are creating innovation after innovation that can change the face of the world. Some are so sophisticated they resemble something we get used to seeing only in science fiction movies. Some look really simple but can make our lives a lot easier. Many of these inventions are, for example, HVAC-related. We can take advantage of it to improve our homes’ comfort and cut energy bills by half.

Here are a couple of HVAC science innovations

Thermally Driven Air Conditioning

Thermally driven air conditioning is much better than electrically driven air conditioning. It is a low-cost option because it uses solar energy and is supplemented by natural gas. Except for the lower energy bills, there are some other advantages of thermally driven ACs. They are reliable, so you don’t have o worry about blackouts. They are efficient since they provide more energy that could be harvested, so there is no waste.

Movement-Activated Air Conditioning

Movement-activated air conditioning means that it works only in the presence of movement. If you are looking to cut your energy bills, this solution might be perfect for you. This type of air conditioning utilizes motion-activated sensors installed in a ceiling. That way, your AC is active only in your presence. Therefore there is no energy waste.

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