HVAC Quick Tips

HVAC requires a lot of attention and maintenance to function well. It is advisable to pay attention to at least a couple of the following advice, for your HVAC unit will work as a clock.1. Check if there is any electrical issue
2. Check the thermostat
3. Wash the condenser
4. Clear debris around your outdoor unit
5. Clean the filters
6. Always reprogram the thermostat for the new season
7. Replace the filter if the ice is forming
8. Close the doors and windows when the AC is on
9. Make sure your wents aren’t blocked
10. Have a technician perform an annual HVAC cleaning
11. Keep your air vents open 24/7
12. Inspect refrigerant lines every month
13. Clear chimney and exterior vents
14. Check for leaks
15. Keep your thermostat away from electronic devices

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