Why Can You Find Animals in Your Ducts During Winter?

Apart from your pets, often you can find other animals at your home. They are usually unwanted because they can cause diseases. Usually, you can stumble upon insects such as roaches and ants, then rats, mice, squirrels, and even birds, cats, and raccoons. They all can find their way in, especially when it’s cold outside. Every living organism wants to be warm and comfortable, and what better place for that than air ducts.

Air ducts are dry, warm, cozy, dark, and secluded places, perfect shelter for all animals looking for a way to escape from low temperatures. It is an ideal living environment for breeding. The increase of the pest population can result in a lot of damage. Usually, you can smell the odor coming from the vent, there are a lot of strange noises and chewed wires, and the most dangerous of all is that you may be exposed to diseases carried by these pests.

To prevent pests from entering your vents, you can

1. Have regular HVAC cleaning appointments (at least twice a year)
2. Seal all the cracks at your home
3. Inspect your duct covers and get yourself a new once if there is a need

If you have pests in your ducts, you should

1. Call a pest control
2. Have your air ducts cleaned

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