3-Stage Filtration System

3-stage filtration system comprises a pre-filter, the main HEPA filter, and an activated carbon filter powerful enough to capture dust, allergens, small and large particles, plant pollens, smoke, and pet dander.

It filters particles as small as 0.3 microns for up to 99.97% removal rate. It is also 100% ozone-free, meaning it doesn’t produce air pollutant-ozone. Ozone is harmful to asthma sufferers and children.However, a 3-stage filtration system needs to be installed and maintained by a certified and well-educated technician to provide the right results.

The most valued HVAC technician qualities are:

  • Experience and knowledge
  • Certification
  • Reputation
  • Pricing

If you want to install your 3-stage filtration system and be sure that it will be done professionally, don’t hesitate to call us and schedule your appointment.

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