Heating System Is Making Loud Grinding Noises?

During colder times our heating system is responsible for all the comfort and warmness of our interior.
If you have a furnace it heats the space through combustion, and if you own a heat pump installed it extracts the heat from the outside air.

Heat Pump Makes Noises

If your heat pump is making loud noises that sound like metal hitting metal inside the unit, it usually means that fan blades are hitting something inside the system. Immediately turn off the device and inspect the fan!

To prevent any other damages, ie. motor being ruined, call an experienced technician to examine the problem.

Furnace Makes Noises

Of course, if you hear grinding noises from your furnace you should turn off the unit!
The usual suspects are loose or broken blower wheel and broken motor.

If you want your system to last longer, schedule HVAC Cleaning appointment. Our technicians will make sure your heating system is top shape!

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