How Can Colors Affect HVAC Efficiency?

Choosing the right paint for your home exterior is a big deal. It is principal to suit your sensibility and be practical in terms of energy efficiency. We all know that the wrong pick can dramatically impact how we feel. For example, white evokes a sense of modernity. Blue is the color of safety, yellow strikes as a color of happiness. When it comes to energy efficiency, we can divide colors into two groups light and dark colors.

Light colors and HVAC efficiency

White, light blue, gray, orange or yellow paints are known to be reflective. They can prevent your home from absorbing too much heat, especially during hot summer months. That way, you can stop exploiting your HVAC unit, which will reflect positively on your energy bill. We advise picking a lighter paint shade if you live in, for example, Miami.

Dark colors and HVAC efficiency

Navy blue, black or red colors are known to be absorbent. During the summer months, they can absorb up to 90% of radiant energy, making the interior of your home warmer. Think about it. If you live in warmer areas with long and hot summers, you may cause your HVAC to break down due to overwork. But, darker colors can be perfect for colder areas with shorter summers and long cold winters. You can even save on your heating energy bill. Think about painting your house in a dark color if you live, for example, in Virginia.

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