“HVAC Friendly” Cat Breeds

If you are a cat lover and live in an apartment or house with AC, you may be interested to know the cat breeds that shed the least.

Some time ago, in the blog HVAC Friendly Dog Breeds, we discussed dogs that do not shed almost at all. So, today we will talk about people’s other favorite pet – cats!

The most common problems from keeping the cats inside are allergies and cat dander. To avoid cat dander, you should pick the one that does not shed. That way, your home and your vents will stay clean. Now, here is the list of cats that almost do not shed at all!


Of the “bald” class, the Sphynx is probably the most widely recognizable breed.

Unfortunately, hairless cats are not necessarily hypoallergenic, and the Sphynx is no exception. They can still produce allergens in their dander and saliva, so if allergies are an issue for you, Sphynx will not be a good choice.


Despite their long and plentiful coat, Siberian cats shed less hair than many other breeds. They are also known to be hypoallergenic.


Bengal cats have a distinctive coat that resembles those found on their non-domesticated, larger relatives – leopards. Luckily, their beautiful fur sheds less than other breeds and requires less maintenance.

However, no matter what breed, owning a dog or cat should make you maintain your HVAC more often. That is the only way to be sure that your home is perfectly safe and clean!

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