Should I Cover My AC After Summer?

People often wonder if their outside air conditioning unit may need to be covered once the weather turns cold. The answer is not that simple.

There is a reason to cover your air conditioner during the fall season. Your unit supposes to withstand the rain and snow, but it can not keep out leaves, nuts, or seeds. When leaves or seeds get into your AC outdoor unit, they can create a place where moisture collects, which causes corrosion. It can even block up any moisture drainage your system has built-in.

If you decide to make an outdoor unit cover, be aware that it should come down the side about 6 inches only. You don’t want to cover the whole AC because this could trap moisture inside and cause corrosion or/and rust.

During other seasons, take the cover off your AC. Keeping the AC cover will be a mistake since it will lure small animals inside. And, the moisture we have already mentioned will collect inside.

The best thing you can do for your AC is to schedule cleaning at least twice a year. That will keep you and your environment safe and healthy!

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