Prevent Bugs From Entering the AC

Everyone is seeking a place to cool down during hot summer temperatures, including bugs! They find their way into your HVAC system and become guests in your house. Condensation offers freshwater and the whirring of the machine a cozy place to stay for a night.

See what you can do to keep bugs away from your air conditioner!

Different types of bugs can get in through ductwork, return vents, and small holes in the walls.

You must follow the list so that your AC doesn’t host any bugs!

How To Keep Bugs Away From AC

  1. Inspect your system’s exterior and if there are any holes or cracks, fill them up!
  2. Try to stop water leaks if you have any since bugs are always looking for water.
  3. Clean around your outdoor unit – cut the grass, weeds, and bushes.
  4. Check your windows – be aware that bugs can also get in through the “fins” on either side of a window AC unit.
  5. Maintain your system regularly! Call the professionals to help you with a bug-free environment!
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