Eliminate The Odor From Your Vents

There are many reasons why musty smells might be coming from your air ducts system. Sometimes dirty vents could be the reason for stale air. Do not use deodorizers to remove odors since they would only mask the unpleasant smell. Call your nearest HVAC technician instead. They will know how to remove the odor at its source without masking agents or perfumes.

Odor Eliminator for Indoor Air Ventilation System

At Lowe’s, we use Odor Kill Air Freshener that the HVAC industry also uses. It is a high-performance concentrate material specially formulated to deal with odor problems.

There are no masking agents or perfumes used with this product. It is recommended as part of regularly scheduled maintenance and works excellent with Sanitizer.

Eliminate the unpleasant odor from your vents quickly and efficiently! Let fresh and clean air become your priority!

How often is recommended to use Odor Kill?

We recommend you to use Odor Kill as a part of regularly scheduled maintenance. So, the next time you call an HVAC company, ask them for this service, too.

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