Clean AC is a Must During Summer

The summer weather brings the need for cooling, and air conditioners are a great relief on hot days.

One of the things that probably interests everyone is whether the air circulating in the air-conditioned space can affect our health.It is understandable that AC can affect human health – if it is not monitored and maintained regularly!

If you suddenly move from a room where it is extremely hot to an over-cooled room, whether it is your house or office it can negatively affect your health. Research shows that regular practice of this sudden transition from warm to cold can harm your lungs, making you more susceptible to respiratory diseases.

Many of these health symptoms are the result of a lack of fresh air, a lack of humidity, or the circulation of not very clean air, which can be the case in air-conditioned rooms.

Things can be even more complicated if you have allergies. Mites and dust can get stuck in air conditioning filters and be released when they are turned on.

However, if you regularly check that the filters are in good condition, your lungs will be grateful for the cleaner and cooler air!

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