Garage AC

If we ask you what room of your home you spend the most time in, we will probably get the answer – living room. The answer is correct. But hear this. Statistics show that 55% of Americans spend about two hours each week in the garage, usually doing hobbies which makes the garage the second favorite space in the house. Also, 55% of homeowners want to have a garage their neighbors can envy. Some people almost get divorced by spending so much time in the garage.

Whatever the case is, if you spend a lot of time in a garage, you might want to consider making it a comfortable place. The first thing you could do is install an AC.

Things to Consider When Installing Garage AC

Best way to make a garage a comfortable place is by installing an AC. It would be extremely useful during the hot summer months. Depending on your garage square footage, you can have a ductless mini-split, window unit, or a portable AC unit. The thing you should also consider is insulation. Poorly isolated space can affect the energy bill bringing you unwanted expenses. And last but not least, don’t forget to change filters regularly, so the air you breathe is clean and healthy.

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