Can Air Conditioning Make Pets Sick?

There is no doubt America is a nation of animal lovers. Pets offer comfort and companionship, and we can do nothing but love them!

Some of the most common questions come from caring pet owners who ask if their pets can get sick from air conditioning?

Luckily, the risks to pets from air conditioning are minimal. It can be a massive benefit for your cat, dog, rabbit, parrot, or any other animal to have a regulated temperature in your home. Not to mention how significant a benefit it is for you to come home to a beautiful, chilled apartment on hot days.

Pets & AC: Things To Remember

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re worried about your pets in the hot summer months:

1. Air conditioning is most effective and efficient when you set it at an optimum temperature for your home.
2. Make sure that your pet always has access to water when the temperature rises.
3. Never leave a pet alone for too long, even if the air conditioning is on.
4. Brush your pets regularly and make sure your AC is clean – this is important for you too if you want to breathe fresh and healthy air! The best way to provide the last from a list is by scheduling AC cleaning by a professional at least once a year.

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