HVAC Technician Tools

As a user of the HVAC services, you should be familiar with the company’s policy. That includes their skills, the recommendations they have, and the tools they use at work. That’s why we represent you with a list of HVAC technician tools for your reference, so you can be prepared with what to expect.

1. Tape Measure

Every HVAC technician should have a tape measure for measuring everything from furnaces to air conditioner units.


A flashlight is a must-have tool for every HVAC technician. We recommend using a headlamp to free up your hands for doing the main job.

3. Hammers

HVAC professionals should always have a carpenter-style hammer to complete a variety of tasks.

4. Pliers

A set of pliers is crucial to have as an HVAC technician! It should include needle-nose, wire-strippers, linesmen, channel-lock, and open-face pliers. Each type of plier has its specialty. Be sure to get a set with insulated handles to protect yourself from electrical shock.

5. HVAC Safety Tools

HVAC Safety tools include a wide range of protective equipment such as gloves, multimeter, earplugs, safety goggles, and the proper footwear.

Now, when you know what tools HVAC technicians use, you are more educated on what to expect when you schedule your HVAC cleaning!

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