Get Rid of Bugs From Your HVAC

Bugs inhabit the entire planet, and sometimes it is impossible to avoid them. However, the last place you want to see bugs is in your HVAC unit.

The good news is that keeping these pests out of your system isn’t that difficult as long as you follow our simple rules!

1. Trim Vegetation Near Your Outdoor Unit

It is known that bugs inhabit places with lots of vegetation. If grass and flowers are close to your HVAC system’s outdoor unit, pests can enter your HVAC equipment. That is why you should trim the grass regularly and keep two feet of cleared space around each side of the unit.

That will also enable the airflow your system needs!

2. Fill Any Cracks Around The Unit

Cracks and gaps occur in an entire household, especially around doors and windows. That also happens around the edges of your HVAC equipment or close enough to it. It allows bugs to enter right into the system! Filling every problem area will make this problem disappear.

3. Check Your Ductwork

A common way for bugs to find their way into HVAC equipment is through gaps in your home’s ductwork. Just as in the previous case, you have to fill in any problem areas to keep them out. It also includes checking for loosened joints and places where rust has occurred.

If you did everything from the text above and you still can’t get rid of these annoying creatures – call us and let the struggle to the professionals!

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