Prolong The Life Of Your AC’s Fan Motor

The fan motor is one of the hardest-working components in your air conditioner, and wear and tear will eventually take its toll. However, you can prevent it from burning out sooner than intended with regular HVAC maintenance.

One common reason an AC fan motor burns out is because of dirt building up around the fan motor. Dirt can creep into the holes of the HVAC motor, causing more friction for the inner workings. That stresses the HVAC motor and causes overheating.

What Can You Do To Prolong The Life Of AC’s Fan Motor

Regular dusting in and around the motor hole can prevent this. This easy maintenance task is the way for you to prolong the lifespan of the fan motor.

If you’re not the most diligent person when it comes to HVAC maintenance, then the best way to ensure regular maintenance is to call your local HVAC service and schedule one!

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