Time for HVAC Quiz!

We are sure that you’ve been following our blogs for quite some time, so let’s see what do you know about HVAC!

Test your HVAC knowledge

Here are 5 questions that everyone who has an HVAC in their home needs to answer correctly:

1. How often should you change the air filters?

  • a. every 3 months
  • b. every 6 months
  • c. every year

2. How often should you inspect your ducts?

  • a. once a week
  • b. once a month
  • c. once in 3 months

3. How often should you have seasonal HVAC preventative maintenance?

  • a. once a year
  • b. twice a year
  • c. every 2 years

4. How much can you save on your heating and cooling costs by keeping your system clean?

  • a. 5%
  • b. 10%
  • c. 20%

5. What should you do when you have big problems with your HVAC system?

  • a. Call Lowe’s Airduct and schedule an appointment
  • b. Wait for the problem to solve itself
  • c.  Try to fix the big problem by yourself

Here are the correct answers!
1. a, 2. b, 3. b, 4. c, 5. a

Did you get all of them? We know you did!

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