Should I Turn On AC When I Workout?

This is a very common question among exercisers.
Let’s see what can happen if you (don’t) turn on the AC!

It’s dangerous to workout in a hot environment

When you workout you sweat, but a workout in a hot environment can increase your chances of overheating and getting a heat stroke. People usually think – “The hotter the better”, “I will lose more calories”, “I’ll lose weight faster”… However, this isn’t true, you will only push yourself even harder and put unnecessary pressure on your body.

A cool environment can help you

If you do the workout in a cool environment you might actually workout longer. This is especially important for strength training as you need to lift a lot.
You will also feel less urge to drink water!

Eliminate stale air

Working out with the stale air is a big no-no!
Make sure your room is properly ventilated and your AC regularly cleaned!

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