Is the Air in Your Home Too Dry?

The most common problem people with HVAC systems experience during the winter season is the dry air. Dry air can cause many problems: squeaky floors and windows, cracked wallpapers, and unfortunately, respiratory system health issues. To prevent your air from drying, you should take some precautionary measures.

How to increase air humidity levels?

1. Water container
Use a water container to increase humidity. If you like, you can add some pine tree branches. This scent reminds us  of holidays and family gatherings, so it is perfect for this season.2. Indoor plants
Plants have a natural ability to introduce moisture into the air. All you have to do is pick your favorite specimen, take care of it, and water it regularly.

3. Humidifier
The humidifier can help you breathe better, have toned skin, keep your floors, windows, and furniture intact. They are efficient, nicely designed, and quiet.

4. Air drying clothes
We do not recommend to do it frequently, but sometimes you can air-dry your clothes. It will bring you savings on your energy bill. Your clothes wouldn’t crease as it would in a tumble dry, plus your air wouldn’t be so dry.

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