AC “Needs A Moment”

Why doesn’t the air conditioner work as soon as it’s turned on to heat?

When we mention air conditioning, we all have the first association with cooling. However, warm days are behind us, and now that it is cold, our air conditioner can start its heating season!

When you turn on your AC device, you will notice that the air deflection wings open, and the air conditioner stops working immediately. The AC does not start blowing instantly as in cooling mode because it would blow cold air and create a feeling of cooling. It takes a few minutes for the honeycomb to heat up in the indoor unit, and only then does the air conditioner starts blowing out lukewarm air.

Why does the AC heat up poorly when the outside or inside temperature is low?

It is because the air conditioner is not an electric heater but a heat pump. Low temperatures cause low gas pressure, and then the climate heats up less. Therefore, in winter, on the coldest days, the device should be left to maintain a minimum room temperature (16-17ºC) overnight so that it can start raising the temperature in the morning.

In that way, the house is heated better, and the electricity consumption is lower than to turn it on only occasionally. Another way to avoid high electrical bills is to take care of your AC unit by scheduling cleaning.

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