Musty Smell Coming From My AC

Air conditioners are responsible for recycling the air in our house, making it feel refreshing and cool. But sometimes our comfort is endangered when we smell something musty coming out of our AC which, truly impacts our mood, moreover our health!So, what’s causing the musty smell coming from my AC?


If your AC filters are dirty, clogged, and have excess moisture, they are a perfect candidate to get a musty smell.
Check your filters, and if they are dirty or dusty, switch them out with the clean ones.


The condensate drain line runs from the coils to the outside of the AC unit and removes condensation. It won’t be able to do its job if it’s clogged. That causes bacteria to accumulate on and around your coils. So, if you notice a clog, contact a professional right away!


Your air conditioner’s drip pan is important when it comes to getting rid of moisture. If it’s clogged or filling too fast, collected water remains stagnant and can quickly become musty, which is the perfect opportunity for the bacteria to spread throughout your AC system.


If this part of your HVAC system gets dirty, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which tend to grow and multiply fast! It’s of vital importance to clean them right away with disinfectant and cover all surfaces!If your AC starts to smell, it’s time to troubleshoot the problem and call a professional for effective cleaning and repairs.
A simple HVAC inspection could help find and resolve the problem, which will allow us to relax and enjoy the freshness of our home.
No one wants their home to smell bad, so contact us today and schedule your HVAC cleaning service!

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