Stuffy Air In The Office

There is no surprise that air in the office can be of poor quality, especially during summer days. Small rooms can often build up heat and carbon dioxide from breath and other substances. You might complain about headaches, respiratory problems, feel uncomfortable, and not be able to work adequately. You might also catch yourself saying: “I need some air!”. That is all because indoor air affects the quality of life and decision making.But don’t worry, here is what you can do to prevent these things from happening:

  • Open the windows and let circulate fresh air in and stale air out.
  • Clean the office regularly because substances emitted by new furniture, office supplies, and carpets could be accumulating in the air.
  • Add some plants, they naturally absorb CO2 and produce oxygen, which benefits the indoor air quality of a space.
  • Replace air filters frequently. Having air conditioning doesn’t help unless the system includes proper filters, as the outdoor air – potentially filled with pollutants – is sucked indoors and circulated around the office.

Following these steps will ensure that your office is a positive workplace with a cheerful atmosphere, where people are relaxed and able to finish their tasks without any problems.

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