7 Dirtiest Places in Your House

We all have different cleaning habits, most of us are doing basic chores at least once a week, such as vacuuming, dusting, or washing the bathroom. But what about thorough, detailed cleaning? Nobody likes that, but it has to be done. If you are not custom to cleaning or you find the bacteria and germs repulsive, you may be dissuaded by studies, which claims that some places, sometimes contain more dirt than trashcans.1. Microwave

The American Center for Disease Prevention published in The American Journal of Epidemiology that we should clean microwaves at least once a week. Detail, inside, and out wiping is a must. For quick cleaning, mix half a glass of water with the same amount of white vinegar and heat in the microwave. When it boils, take out the cup and wipe the inside of your microwave.

2. Bathtub/Shower cabin

It is a common misconception that the toilet is the dirtiest place in the bathroom, but new research has shown that it is a bathtub. Elizabeth Scott, director of the Center for Hygiene and Health in Boston, compared the number of bacteria with the one in the trash can. The result turns out to be shocking. Of the bacteria that can cause various infections, 26 percent of them inhabit the bathtub, and the level in the garbage cans was only 6 percent. In conclusion, we should thoroughly wash the bathtub once a week!

3. Refrigerator

It is enough to think of food stains, as well as the odors of spoiled food to make you feel sick in your stomach. A refrigerator should be cleaned as often as possible so that bacteria do not multiply and cause infections.4. Keyboard

In short, it should be cleaned once a week because it is a real fertile ground for bacteria to multiply. Some studies have even confirmed that there can be as many bacteria on them as on the toilet seat, even five times more. If you work in an office, take your time to clean a keyboard thoroughly.

5. Carpets

Carpet fibers can not only hide dirt, but they can be ideal living environments for germs and allergens like dust mites. That’s why it’s important to vacuum your carpets regularly. Also, wipe up spills and dry the affected carpet area quickly. If you have pets and small children, consider using a spray disinfectant and steam clean your carpets on occasion.

6. Towels

Towels, especially hand towels, used by many household members, should be washed every three days because they collect dead skin cells and soap residues, so they are an excellent breeding ground for bacterias.

7. Vents

Inside your HVAC system, dust collects on air duct surfaces, motor, and coils. Flakes of dead skin, hair, and pet dander catch into the ducts, and before you know it, this process creates a dense, mat-like environment where bacteria, dust, and allergens can flourish. Don’t wait too long before you call your local HVAC cleaning company and schedule a vent cleaning appointment. Leave the professionals doing their job while you can relax, read, or do something else.

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