Auto and ON A/C Setting

There are two settings on your air conditioner thermostat ON and AUTO. In case you are wondering which one is better, we have decided to break you down the pros and cons of these two, so you can easily make up your mind.


PRO – The air will be more evenly distributed through your home.
PRO – On setting will probably increase your A/C’s fan life span because there is no stress from frequent starts and stops.
PRO – You will need to change the filter less frequently.
CON – The on setting will keep your air conditioning on a constant run, which will cost you more money.


PRO – Setting your thermostat to the optimum temperature, and A/C to auto mode will bring you savings. This is the most energy-efficient solution.
CON – You will need to change the filter more frequently.
CON – The air would not be as evenly distributed because once the thermostat reaches the wanted temperature, the A/C turns off.
CON – Some very important parts of your A/C could wear and tear due to constant operational state.

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