I Haven’t Used HVAC System for a Months

What happens if you haven’t used your HVAC system for a couple of months or so? In theory, nothing bad happens. Nowadays, HVAC units are made to last for a long time, 15 years, or even more if they are maintained regularly. But, sometimes you can run into a problem by turning it on after such a long period. The common problems are strange noises, for example clinging, humming, rattling, or the oil, water, and refrigerant leaking. If this is the case, to avoid creating an even bigger problem, you should take precautionary measures before turning on your HVAC system.

Precautionary steps:

1. Clean the outside unit
Ensure there are no buildup obstructions on the outside unit. After a couple of months, there got to be leaves, debris, dust,  brunches jammed into a fan. Clean them up before you take other steps.

2. Clean the indoor air filters
There must be a ton of dust in there. A clogged filter can jam your unit.

3. Run the AC fan mode for a while
It would be best to run the AC mode for at least an hour or so, then turn it down. Make sure that your thermostat is moved from heat to cool and set the fan mode to on.

4. Schedule a regular HVAC maintenance appointment
By doing so you are making sure that everything is ok with your unit and you got to enjoy its benefits for years to come.

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