How do I keep birds from coming into my dryer vent?

As much as you love having birds around your property, they can cause serious issues. Chimneys, light fixtures and even dryer vents can become their temporary home when they’re searching for a safe place. Unfortunately, this can be a dangerous fire hazard.

If there are eggs in your vent, or live babies, it’s best to let them grow up before you evict them. The baby birds and their parents will usually leave within a week or two after you first notice them.If you are considering whether or not a dryer vent hose will likely protect your exterior dryer vent from nesting birds, the answer is that it can. Clean out the dryer vent once the bird family leaves and install a dryer vent cover to keep the birds from nesting in your dryer again.

If you’re not feeling 100% confident about taking on this project yourself, don’t forget that you can call the Lowe’s cleaning to do it for you – this will save you time and stress, plus ensure the job is done right.

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