HVAC Money Saving Tips for West Palm Beach’s Winter

West Palm Beach is situated along the western shore of Lake Worth, a lagoon separated from the Atlantic Ocean to the east by a barrier island, about 65 miles north of Miami.Even in winter, the temperature in West Palm Beach usually remains above 50°F overnight. Only three nights a year on average drop to 40°F or below. The lowest recorded temperature in West Palm Beach was a very chilly 24°F in 1894. It’s important to remember that although winter in West Palm Beach may be short, a well-maintained system can keep utility costs down this season.

Read on to learn more about money saving tips, HVAC system costs in West Palm Beach, and ways to ensure your system runs efficiently.

  • Schedule preventive maintenance check to keep your cooling systems running their best
  • Use ceiling fans in the winter to distribute the heat around a room
  • Make sure you have the thermostat set to “Auto” mode. Leaving the fan on “On” can significantly add to your monthly heating costs
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