Win the battle against stinkiness

Air fresheners and candles are easy to use and affordable, but unfortunately they can change the indoor air quality for the worse as well. Burning candles not only releases harmful invisible chemicals but may cause the formation of soot. Rather than masking the symptoms, call in a good HVAC Technician to assess the problem and suggest remediation strategies.HVAC systems can naturally emit odors that you may or may not notice, but there are some smells that indicate a serious problem. An odor might be a sign of serious health hazards. While of course you want to get to the source of the bad smell and eliminate it, it’s not always easy to determine where a bad smell is coming from. At Lowe’s air ducts we offer you a water resistant High-tech video camera system available for inspecting the ducts.

If your indoor air ventilation system is emitting a concerning odor, do not hesitate to contact the Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning technicians! At Lowe’s, we use Odor Kill Air Freshener which is commonly used in the HVAC industry. It is high-performance concentrate material specially formulated to deal with odor problems.

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