See Which States Have The Highest/Lowest Heating/AC Bills

Depending on which state you live in, your monthly energy costs can vary widely. In some states they’re nearly double those of others. Winter usually brings higher energy bills, but some states suffer more than others. Check out the list and find out what you can do to cut your heating bill.Which states have the highest utility bills?
Rhode Island: $522 per month.
Connecticut: $496 per month.
New York: $477 per month.
New Hampshire: $477 per month.
South Carolina: $474 per month.Which states have the lowest utility bills?
New Mexico: $74.05 per month.
Utah: $74.28 per month.
Colorado: $80.68 per month.
Illinois: $85.12 per month.
Maine: $87.96 per month.How to save money on utility bills this winter?

Clean or change your filters on a regular basis to maintain proper airflow and keep your HVAC system working efficiently. Call on air duct cleaning service from your neighborhood for your monthly checkup.

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