Louvers in the HVAC Industry

Louvers are horizontally angled set of slates used on doors, windows, gardens, and walls to provide airflow and allow light in. They present a certain cover from the rain and are often used to keep privacy in gardens. Louvers can be made of various types of materials such as plastic, metal, and wood, and can come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Also, they can be adjustable or stationary, which means they are in a fixed position. The name, Louver, originates from French L’ouvert which means “open”.

When it comes to louvers in the HVAC industry, the role is entirely practical. They are invented to protect HVAC equipment and to allow the airflow unobstructedly. Also, they keep children away from the shafts and things getting jammed in there. Louvers are designed for air intake or exhaust. They are used where protection from water is needed and are usually made of fixed blades with a rain protector.

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