The Difference Between HVAC and AC

Even if you had heard of both before, you might not know the difference between HVAC and AC. HVAC is short for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, while AC just involves the air conditioning on its own. In other words, when we talk about AC, we’re generally talking about the system that cools the air in your home. However, when we talk about HVAC, we could be talking about a system that does either the heating or the cooling, or both. In other words, all HVAC units have air conditioning capabilities but not all AC units have heating and ventilation capabilities.Now that you know what HVAC and AC stand for, let’s talk about the “V” in HVAC, one of the most important components. Ventilation refers to the process of improving indoor air quality. This involves temperature control and dehumidification (removing moisture). Ventilating is essential for a healthy home – and a healthy household.

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