Make Your HVAC Even Cooler: Ideas for HVAC Decoration

No matter how hard you work on your garden, the external part of your HVAC system seams to get all the attention. It is hard to enjoy in the peace of your private oasis, when the outside condenser sticks out like a sore thumb. Of course, removing the unit is not an option, but you could always decorate and landscape around it!

1. Fence it

You can always build a decorative wooden fence and place it around your condenser. Wooden box will give your garden the retro, vintage look.

2. Large potted plants

This is possibly the most practical solution to your aesthetic problems. Potted plants are movable, so you could arrange and rearrange them as you please, but you could also easily remove them when needed.3. Shrubs and tall plants

If you are not a fan of potted plants, you can always plant shrubs or a tall bush. This could have beneficial effects for the HVAC unit too. Plants create shade that could protect the unit from overheating. Just remember to place your greenery at least 2-3 feet away from the condenser.

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