Prevention of HVAC Microbial Growth

If the HVAC were an organ system, then it would be a respiratory system. It helps a house to breathe in the clean air and breath out the contaminated air. If it isn’t working properly, then our respiratory system is in danger.

The ducts are the perfect environment for microorganisms since they are wet, cold, and dark. Many of these microorganisms are saprophytes, which means that they feed on organic nutrients such as dander and hair, which can be commonly found in ducts.

Alongside bacteria, there are different kinds of insects and mites living in the HVAC system. These bio-contaminants can cause various types of respiratory system infection, inflammations, allergies, eyes tearing, and nose itching. Not only that microbial growth can endanger your health, but can also reduce the efficiency of your system, which can result in a higher energy bill.

For keeping microorganisms out, preventive maintenance is essential. By removing filth from the ducts, you are depriving bacteria of food. Various types of air duct cleaning services are available nowadays, you should choose one that suits you the best.

Also, the good idea is to insulate the ducts with stainless steel or copper components since bacteria can not feed on these materials.

Changing filters is a must. It is an actual physical barrier that makes a difference between breathing clean and filthy air.

The presence of bacteria in the ducts is easy for detection by the odor they leave behind them. Besides cleaning the ducts, we highly recommend odor kill service as the best way to remove a stench.

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