Motion Sensor Air Conditioning

Motion sensors use one or multiple technologies to detect movement in an area. They are very useful when it comes to detecting suspicious movements which are a potential threat to your home, or they can help you with your baby telling you when it is waking. Or just imagine, on hot days like this, you can start your air conditioning with just the movement of a hand. How refreshing?

A motion-activated system seems like such a simple and refreshing idea, helping you reduce energy and utility costs. But in reality, things aren’t so perfect. Why?

The principle of A/C function is so simple. Motion sensors are installed on the ceiling of each room of your home. When someone moves or walk, the sensors are activated, triggering your air condition to cool the room.

Yes it saves you energy and money but there are the things that are troubling that you should take in
consideration should you think of getting a motion sensor A/C:
-when you come home from work you will have to wait for sensors to detect your movements and cool down your place
-when you are asleep, your motions can trigger A/C
-your pets can activate it also

What can be helpful for this matter is using cell phone apps to remotely control your A/C. It is an improving technology that the HVAC industry has been working on, so no doubt many homeowners of the future will find
this system handy.

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