How to Deal With Bird Dander

Improving indoor air quality becomes a real mission if you own a pet. Indoor air can be affected by dust, chemicals, even animals you keep. If you own a parrot, then you have to deal with parrot dander.

Do you know that almost 9 million pet birds live in households all over the United States? Can you imagine the amount of feather dander that ends up in air ducts and HVAC systems?

Bird or parrot dander is also known as feather dust. It’s produced while birds are preening or flapping their wings.  This kind of wing motion is made by birds in order to position their feathers.

The most common types of parrots known as Powder Down Birds are African Greys, cockatiels, and cockatoos. Yes, they are lovely but think twice having them if you’re prone to allergies.

If you are still up to your decision to own a bird, follow our tips so you could enjoy the fresh air and the best time with your plumy friend.

To prevent the air ducts become full of parrot dander that blows throughout your home, contact the professional team. After air duct cleaning you and your pet will breathe easier.

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