Keep Your Home Safe on Holiday

When you plan a vacation, you should plan how to protect the home while away. Whether it’s a short road trip or a long holiday, don’t let the pre-vacation excitement overwhelm you. Make sure the house and the HVAC system are safe.

Follow these tips and travel without worry:

1) Cleaning

Cleaning your home would improve the indoor air quality. Vacuuming, doing the dishes and removing all the dust can have a positive impact when you come back. Take out the kitchen trash and any food that could go bad before you return from vacation.

2) Set the thermostat

Program your thermostat so the air conditioner occasionally cycles on and off. People would think that someone’s home. Also, you definitely won’t waste money and energy while you’re away.

3) Unplug

Check all the electronic devices in the house and make sure they’re unplugged. This way, you will avoid risk from a potential electrical fire, and save money while you’re gone.

4) Check the locks

It’s important to check not only the front door lock but all the locks in your home. Pay attention to all windows too and make sure they’re closed.

5) Replace the air filter

The filter should be replaced every 1-3 months. Maybe you won’t be there to replace it on schedule. Make sure your air filter lasts as long as -your trip and replace it before you leave.

6) Get your HVAC serviced

You don’t need stress, such as unexpected breakdown, on the holiday. Prevent any inconvenience by calling our professional team. We will get your HVAC system serviced before you leave.

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