How Boston Spring Rain Showers Effect Your AC Efficiency

We all enjoy classic spring weather, bathing in sunlight, after long and cold winter days. Even though spring is warm and beautiful it usually surprises us with rain showers.

As the weather predictions in Boston say we may expect fog, clouds, and cool temperatures. Rain showers may impact Cape and Islands and southeastern Massachusetts. An area of low pressure dropping down from the Great Lakes may produce scattered showers into the evening hours. Looking ahead to the weekend, the cold front that traversed the region Thursday night will march back north as a warm front Saturday, bringing cooler temperatures and rain with it.

With all these precipitations which will bring us an abundance of humidity, we should be prepared for the major impact on our HVAC systems.

As we all know and have mentioned in our blogs before, humidity can affect the HVAC system performance negatively because it cancels out the cooling effect. During humid conditions outside, the A/C system will spend more energy units to transport the moisture from the home to outside. More energy is needed to not only change the temperature but to make it feel cooler in the home or building.

Here are some signs of common humidity problems:

  • The indoor air feels damp
  • The air smells musty
  • Windows are fogging
  • Breathing is difficult

The question imposes how to deal with humidity.
Some of our suggestions are:

  1. Get the dehumidifier
  2. Change your filters regularly
  3. Call your local air dry cleaning guys for the regular maintenance
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