10 Interesting facts about HVAC system

Here are some fun facts about the HVAC system that you may not know and will find interesting.

  • The Romans were the first civilization to use any type of warm air heating system. A hypocaust is a system of central heating in a building that produces and circulates hot air below the floor of a room, and may also warm the walls. Hypocausts were used for heating hot baths and other public buildings in Ancient Rome.
  • The first A/C for commercial purposes was built in 1902. by Willis Carrier. He discovered the relationship
    between temperature, humidity, dew point and pressure.
  • Automobile manufacturing company “Packard” was the first to incorporate A/C in their cars in 1936.
  • Your home could be up to 40% more energy efficient if you add insulation around your windows. Transform your house  into an energy efficient home and save on your energy bill.
  • The average family spends half of their annual energy bills on A/C running. Be sure your A/C unit is set to switch off during the times of day when you don’t need it.
  • Homes with low humidity will feel colder than homes with moister air. If humidity levels dip too low certain germs will thrive.
  • Without regular maintenance, your A/C will not operate at peak efficiency. The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner  is to routinely replace or clean its filters.
  • Our reliance on A/C has actually reduced our natural tolerance for heat .
  • Sleep better by adjusting A/C temperature between 65 and 72. This is an optimal sleeping temperature.
  • Without A/C some medications would never have been made, because they require cool environment. If you live in a hot climate and do not have air conditioning, you may want  to consider keeping your medications in the refrigerator.
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