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Washington D.C. is not only the capital of the United States of America but world political capital. It is located at the mid-Atlantic region at the east coast of the North American continent. The city has warm sea climate. Springs and falls are mild, summers humid and hot and winters are snowy. Monthly precipitation is 3 inches so climate in D.C. sometimes is humid.


As people in Florida become aware of indoor air quality importance, there is a growing demand for vent cleaning service. The air sanitizing, vent cleaning as well as the odor kill, has become a significant method in killing a variety of bacteria and viruses build up in vents.

A house vent cleaning service is an integral part of maintaining a healthy and viable home environment. Besides microbial contaminants, it removes dust, debris, and dirt. To ensure the peak performance of your ducts, call your local HVAC technician and schedule a dryer vent cleaning as well as the coil cleaning.

Just call your local vent cleaning service and schedule an appointment at the best vent cleaning cost.

How does climate of D.C. affect HVAC performance?

At Lowes air duct we pride ourselves on providing a broad range of best quality service at affordable flat-rate prices in our capital D.C. We would like to give you a couple of advice when it comes to HVAC vents cleaning under the D.C. sky.

The weather in D.C. can be really unpredictable:

Common Lowe’s cleaning recommendation is regular maintenance as well as the before and after cleaning video Camera Inspection to keep your HVAC system in good condition.

Summer in D.C. is very humid. Hot and heavy summery air along with occasional thunderstorms has negative effects on HVAC performance. If your HVAC system does not perform at is best when is most needed it is going to affect your electricity bill, air quality, and home comfort since you gonna live in boiling hot apartment. What you can do is to adjust your thermostat and install the dehumidifier. Also video camera inspection, air vents sanitizing and odor kill services are highly recommended.

When it comes to winter, in D.C. February is usually the coldest month of the year but there can be snow in April too. Since the smallest amount of snows can shut the town down and keep us indoor, making a cozy and warm atmosphere is a must. To provide a good HVAC care, inspecting the ducts, changing filters and coil cleaning is at the extreme importance. Don’t let the snow and ice built up on your HVAC system. If you don’t know how to deal with ice, call on HVAC service technician.

Spring and fall in D.C. are very pleasant with temperatures averaging 67 degrees. You can use this period of the year to schedule your annual HVAC system maintenance. If you do so, you can expect your HVAC system last more than a couple of years. Call air duct cleaning service professionals.

At Lowes air duct we perform free video inspection of air ducts so you can clearly see for yourselves the before and after cleaning state of your HVAC system.

Air quality in D.C.

When it comes to air quality results, the number of air polluted days is significantly reduced thanks to clean-air regulations and policies. Still, D.C. suffers from ground-level ozone and smog pollution. As temperature rises, the smog also tends to rise. Days without wind can also affect air pollution. In the past, people felt like they got enough fresh air by just getting their window open, nowadays we have a completely different situation due to pollution. Indoor air quality is under the question too since is affected by several factors. Sometimes indoor air is more polluted than outdoor. To improve your indoor air quality, we recommend changing your filter regularly and maintain optimal humidity between 30 and 50 percent.

Where do we operate?

Low’s air duct cleaning, every technician’s goal is to make your home healthy, clean and comfortable. What makes us a professional is an attention to details, expensive and best quality equipment we use, great respect for customer’s home.

We have offices in ten states of our country: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, D.C. (District of Columbia), Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Florida, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

If you live in D.C., give us a call for the best quality services at affordable flat rate prices. No hidden fees no surprised charges. We are serving:

Our goal is to create perfectly healthy living environment

HVAC Certified

Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning Service technicians are HVAC certified to carry out air duct & dryer vent cleaning process, which guarantees that the cleaning service will not only clean but also restore the integrity of your duct-work.

Furthermore, Lowe’s technicians are HVAC Certified with high level of expertise to guarantee that your HVAC system is cleaned properly to assure high indoor air quality, which is essential for healthy living environment.

Please note that we do NOT use subcontractors. All of our technicians are in-house, highly skilled and trained in Air Duct and Dryer Vent cleaning process.

For more question please call us at: 1-888-666-3160.

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