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Everyone knows that HVAC cleaning can offer many benefits for your health and home air quality. However, most people don’t know when is the right time to call in the professionals.

There are many questions that you have been asking us regarding HVAC cleaning. For example: when is the best time for annual HVAC maintenance, when is the right time for a duct cleaning, how often should you clean your air ducts, is HVAC duct cleaning a scam or worth it, or which season is the best, for scheduling the appointment.

To keep your ducts clean, regularly check your ducts for the following signs: dust coming out of the air supply grating or insects and other pests living in the ductwork.

The next step is to contact HVAC technicians to get a piece of professional advice on HVAC cleaning and schedule regular duct cleaning, living your ducts to a professional.

Meanwhile, you can inform yourselves of any HVAC-related questions by following our HVAC seasonal recommendation blog.

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HVAC Certified

Lowe’s Air Duct Cleaning Service technicians are HVAC certified.
We guarantee that the cleaning service will clean and restore the integrity of your ductwork.

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