Preventive Measures Against Coronavirus

Preventive Measures Against Coronavirus

Since the pandemic of the coronavirus has been declared, the experts have been trying to find a way to preserve our health. While we are waiting for a cure to be found, we can all put an extra effort to prevent the virus from escalating to extreme levels. We can all take precautionary measures by doing the following:

1. Washing hands frequently
2. Maintaining social distancing
3. Avoid touching nose, eyes, mouth, face in general
4. Covering mouth and nose with a bent elbow when sneezing or coughing
5. Disposing of used tissue
6. Wearing mask and gloves in public

We would like to add a couple of advice as well. They are all related to your house hygiene and air quality.

1. Take off your shoes in front of the door, disinfect them, then take them in
2. Disinfect door nobs
3. Disinfect floors
4. Wash your clothes more frequently
5. Change HVAC filters more frequently
6. Call the air duct near you for the air sanitizing service

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air could be much more harmful than outdoor air.
That is why we recommend:

1. Change HVAC filters more frequently

Blocked and dirty air filter could be the main cause of the HVAC malfunction. Not getting your air filters cleaned could lead to the accumulation of particles such as dust, hair, debris, microorganisms. Building up of particles in air filters is a potential health hazard.

When the filter is blocked, the fan begins to blow out all of the accumulated dirt, which, in turn, substantially decreases air quality. Along with dust, there are various allergens, germs, and viruses that could get in the air and induce infections and breathing problems.

2. Use the air sanitizers

If the ducts are contaminated and blocked, a simple change of filter would not be enough to create a healthy environment. You should consider a thorough dryer vent cleaning service, which includes air sanitizer. Our technicians use air sanitizers, which are the safest, easiest, and most effective in eliminating microorganisms, mildew, and viruses. Of course, the HVAC system must be cleaned first then treated with the microbial control sanitizers, otherwise, the sanitizing wouldn’t be effective.

Here you can see the list of our services which include air sanitation:

GOLD Package: Air Ducts + Sanitizer + Dryer Vent Cleaning + Odor Kill
PREMIUM Package #1: Air Ducts + Sanitizer + FREE Dryer Vent
PREMIUM Package #2: Air Ducts + Sanitizer + FREE Odor Kill
PLATINUM package: Air Ducts + Sanitizer + Dryer Vent Cleaning + Odor Kill + Coil Cleaning
COMBO Cleaning: Air Ducts + Sanitizer

Only the whole set of preventive measures can keep you healthy, which are good hygiene habits combined with, source control for contamination and improved indoor air quality.

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